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What Do We Do?

Find Tenants

We’re not letting agents but we have a panel of hundreds across Dubai who have agreed to offer our landlords a preferential package. This means you pay a reduced finders fee and, really importantly, NO RENEWAL FEES. This gives you more choice of tenant and real cost savings.

Manage Your Property

We will fully manage your Dubai property from A to Z for an annual fixed fee. All administration is in-house and we keep you and your tenants in the loop, but get on with what needs to be done. We do this from a landlord’s perspective, reflecting our history, but always seeking to deliver a great service to your tenants.

Maintain Your Property

We protect your investment with a team of first class maintenance and repairs contractors, who offer highly competitive prices and a higher level of service. We are transparent so we send you a copy of the invoice. If you have your own contractors, we will be happy to work with them.

Keep You Legal

Landlord legislation keeps changing. We stay across this, keeping you up to date and therefore reducing your risk.

Frequently Asked Questions


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