The Big Five: A ‘how-to’ on making your property more profitable

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The benefits of investing in rental properties can be multi-fold but for many, it includes one common reason: to make money. Investing in rental properties can help generate a substantial income, however, there is a lot of preparation, attention to detail, and a laid-out plan necessary, to help make this happen. Whether you’re in it solo, or with the help of a property manager, here are a few factors to keep in mind to maximize your rental income.

Pick the Right Property

If like many others, you happen to focus on buy-to-let, picking the right space is the first step. The right property is dependent on many characteristics including size, exposure, and most importantly, location. Before zeroing in on one specific location, make sure you do your research, have an overview of the lifestyle that the locale offers, and ensure that it works with your long-term goals.

Screen your tenants

What many chose to skip, can become your newfound source of a higher income. Tenant screening is important but one of the major things that result in a declining income happens to be tenant turnover. This is why, running background checks, asking questions, and thoroughly screening tenants prior to moving forward, can help significantly decrease tenant turnover.

Strategically increase rent

Setting the right price is important. Raising the rent on your property may seem like the most apparent option. However, when not done so with a careful plan it could lead to it backfiring. For instance, overpricing a property in its initial stages could lead to the risk of having to drop it later. In the case it turns into a continual decline, it could lead to homebuyers or renters becoming skeptical and therefore, leaving you little room to negotiate.

Maintain your property  

One of the main reasons for the quality of a property declining is due to a lack of maintenance. Often just picking the right property in a pretty neighborhood is simply not enough. Real estate is a long-term process and requires a level of consistency that is willing to dive into the nitty-gritty of property management. Staying on top of maintenance is far less expensive than having to fix long-term or irreparable damage. Furthermore. Landlords must also inform and communicate with their tenants of any required maintenance from their end.

Additional Services

Providing additional services to your tenants will undeniably make your property look more appealing. Furthermore, this could also help you long-term. Additional services could include anything from cleaning services to upgrading household appliances.  

Whether you plan to buy, sell or rent out properties, these five features are a few pointers to look out for. Our expert teams are always happy to answer any questions you may have, so if you are looking for a word of professional advice, us a call.

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