A-Z Guidelines: Property Handover In Emaar Beachfront

A step-by-step guide to a hassle-free property handover experience in EMAAR Beachfront. 

Dubai’s property market’s recent buzz involves EMAAR’s first-ever water development located alongside the Palm Jumeirah neighbourhood. Adding to its impressive portfolio, EMAAR’s newest launch features 27  high-rise luxury apartments and villas for sale in Dubai posing as the city’s newest show-stopper. Interested buyers can choose from 1,2,3, and  4 bedroom apartments for sale or luxury 3 and 4 bedroom villas on the sea-front setting.

Although property handover is a fairly simple procedure, the process could be rather meticulous and can take anywhere between 10-and 30 days. This is especially because the beginning stages are the most important to make sure In the case of any delays, penalties may also be issued. Prior to home orientations and handover appointments, visitors are required to gather all relevant documents.

Moving into your new home can be an overwhelming step as it is. Taking away t Our experts, have outlined a simple 3-step guide to help you oversee your entire handover process.

Step 1

Prior to the handover of any property, it is important to conduct snagging. Standard industry procedures require every property to go over certain checklists, to ensure each buyer is getting exactly what they pay for. Buyers are required to schedule an appointment for initial snagging. This initial step aids in:

  • Obtaining a detailed inspection of the unit with Emaar Representative, after which Emaar will take 10-30 days to fix the pointed-out issues
  • If no defects and flaws are found in the unit, proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Following the initial snagging inspection, any concerning issues or damage reports filed will need to be rectified. Expect to receive a Handover Notification for your property which states that the unit is ready for beneficial occupancy. Accordingly, proceed with payments of all outstanding amounts towards your unit and complete the handover formalities.

Before any property can be handed over, buyers are required to officially make all outstanding payments:

  • Make payment for outstanding instalments, if any
  • Pay for Service Fees (invoice to be received from ECM), if applicable
  • Pay for a Chilled water security deposit
  • Connect your DEWA account and make the payment for deposit and connection charges
  • Pay for Title deed Registration

Step 3

Once the above steps are completed, upload your documents through the Emaar One App to book your handover appointment. It is now compulsory to pre-book as a walk-in handover facility is no longer available.

Below you can find the list of the documents required to submit before your appointment will be scheduled:

  • Original Sales Agreement (SPA)
  • Original Payment Completion Certificate
  • DEWA security deposit receipt
  • Updated passport and Emirates ID card of all owners.
  • Land registration fees are paid online.

Get appointed to our team of experts and receive complete guidance on the handover of your property. Please feel free to contact us for any clarifications or more information on property for sale in Dubai.

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