Breaking the invisible wall: Dubai’s Investor’s Visa, U.A.E Citizenship and more.

Visa Application

As per previous laws, acquiring Emirati citizenship was an ideal that was out of reach for many, including expats that have been residents for over years, investors, and more. However, as of early 2021, the Government of the U.A.E has redefined the eligibility criteria thus widening the pool of contenders for the Golden Visa. This is expected to cause major ripples to the industry, as this not only reduces the incomprehensible barrier between ex-pats and locals but also helps design an upward trend for the region. As the region attracts more qualified and talented individuals, it’s only a matter of time before the economy witnesses strong growth.

The 2021 Amendment required that those who wish to pursue the citizenship program will have to go through the approval of The Executive Councils, Rulers, & Crown Princes Courts and the Cabinet.

Who qualifies for the citizenship status?

The U.A.E has granted citizenship to only a limited number of individuals. The categories broadly range from Investors, Doctors and qualified specialists, scientists, inventors, and other talented individuals who have showcased potential to positively impact the growth of the country. This new citizenship status required that those who wish to pursue the citizenship program will have to go through the approval of The Executive Councils, Rulers, & Crown Prince’s Courts’ and the Cabinet.

Benefits of the UAE citizenship by the Investment Program

Considering the intricate process following citizenship acquisition, its no doubt that this particular status comes with its own set of benefits:

  • For one, you get to live, work and study in the UAE. Moreover, as an applicant, you are entitled to add your spouse and children.
  • Ability to establish companies within the UAE
  • Access to nearly 167 countries visa-free, with a UAE passport
  • Dual citizenship

As attractive as it may all sound, it is important to bear in mind, that citizenship status is an arterial process, that requires the go-ahead from many above us. However, it is not impossible. The details of this new route are still being worked out, considering it is a fairly new amendment. The authorities have also recognized that this is a procedure that is a “transformative” development.

Getting an Investors’ visa

Traditional procedures in acquiring city’s regulations, all visa holders are required to be sponsored by someone in the UAE, in order to obtain a residence visa. In order to obtain an investor’s visa in the country, one would have to either invest a minimum of AED 72,000 in the economy i.e., by opening a company in any of the free zones or investing in real estate. But it should be kept in mind, that each emirate could vary in terms of application procedures.

Ideally, those who want to apply would have to acquire an entry permit, a medical fitness test. Following by an Emirates ID application at an Amer center. After which, investors’ visas can be acquired via any of the Amer Centres. The costs of getting an Investors’ visa could total up to roughly AED 4,500 or more depending on each case.

Alternatively, applicants can also choose from 3,5 or 10-year investor visas in Dubai. As of 2021, the UAE has also introduced the golden visa, which ranges from 5-10 years. For candidates who establish for either, it is important to keep the following pointers in mind:

10 Year Eligibility:

  • Establish or be a member of a company in the UAE with a capital of a minimum of AED 10 million
  • The amount should not be a loan
  • Out of the total investment, 60% has to be in sectors apart from real estate

5 Year Eligibility:

  • Buy a property worth a minimum of AED 5 million
  • The amount should not be a loan
  • A minimum of 3 years period for the property retention

With all things considered, acquiring a golden visa is much less of a hassle in the UAE when compared to any other region, due to simplified procedures, and the efficiency of the local authorities.

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