Say Hello to the Zoomers: Are Gen Z’s the new housing market?

Marketing to millennials is something that was mastered over a considerably complicated period of time. Trials and errors, patterns, and laughable failures from fluffy marketing techniques were all part of it. But as we welcome change and the courage to enhance and tweak real estate and marketing techniques to changing audiences, we have one more group to consider: Generation Z. An overview Who are...

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The Big Five: A ‘how-to’ on making your property more profitable

The benefits of investing in rental properties can be multi-fold but for many, it includes one common reason: to make money. Investing in rental properties can help generate a substantial income, however, there is a lot of preparation, attention to detail, and a laid-out plan necessary, to help make this happen. Whether you’re in it solo, or with the help of a property manager, here are a few factors to...

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